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Что хорошего?

Гармоничное расположение планет -8/9 ноября 2003
АстрологияHi All :)))))

I think this is a very good time to send Reiki for Peace !

Hugs and lots of Love

The Harmonic Corcordance - weekend of the 8th / 9th November 2003

During the weekend of the 8th / 9th November 2003, 6 planets (Sun,
Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron) will align to form a six
pointed star: a rare and spiritually very important astrological
event, the likes of which have not been seen on the Earth for 4000

There is also a full lunar eclipse at the same time. It is
believed that these events, which will touch every part of the Earth
during a 48 hour period, will allow an unprecedented increase in the
God consciousness of humanity and mark an important step in the
ascension of our wonderful planet.
This important astrological event is being celebrated all over the
world, at many sacred sites. Perhaps the weekend of the 8th / 9th
November 2003 would be an excellent time for you to join with
friends or be in your own stillness, meditate and tune into the
energies of the Harmonic Corcordance 2003.

Time Zone Co-ordination List Based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
If Daylight Savings Time is in effect in your area, add one hour to
the time shown below.
Time Zone Concordance Observation Time Concordance Date
Example Locations
GMT -12 1:12:45 pm November 8 International
Dateline West
GMT -11 2:12:45 pm November 8 Mid Pacific
GMT -10 3:12:45 pm November 8 Hawaii
GMT -9 4:12:45 pm November 8 Anchorage
GMT -8 5:12:45 pm November 8 Los Angeles, CA,
USASan Diego, CASan Francisco, CASeattle, WATijuana, Mexico
GMT -7 6:12:45 pm November 8 Salt Lake City, UT USALas
Vegas, NV, USAPhoenix, AZ, USADenver, CO, USAMazatlan, Mexico
GMT -6 7:12:45 pm November 8 Chicago, IL USAMexico City,
MexicoSaskatchewan, CanadaCentral America
GMT -5 8:12:45 pm November 8 Bogota, ColumbiaWashington,
DCLima, PeruNew York, NY, USA
GMT -4 9:12:45 pm November 8 St. John's,
NewfoundlandCaracasLa Paz
GMT –3:30 9:42:45 pm November 8 Mid Atlantic
GMT -3 10:12:45 pm November 8 GreenlandBrasilia,
BrazilBuenos Aires, ArgentinaGeorgetown, Guyana
GMT -2 11:12:45 pm November 8 Mid-Atlantic
GMT -1 12:12:45 am November 9 Azores, Cape Verde Islands
GMT -0 1:12:45 am November 9 London, EnglandDublin,
IrelandEdinburgh, ScotlandLisbon, PortugalReykjavik,
IcelandCasablanca, Morocco
GMT +1 2:12:45 am November 9 Paris, FranceBerlin,
GermanyAmsterdam, The NetherlandsBrussels, BelgiumVienna,
AustriaMadrid, SpainRome, ItalyBern, SwitzerlandStockholm,
SwedenOslo, Norway
GMT +2 3:12:45 am November 9 Athens, GreeceHelsinki,
FinlandIstanbul, TurkeyJerusalem, IsraelHarare, Zimbabwe Giza, Egypt
GMT +3 4:12:45 am November 9 KuwaitNairobi, KenyaRiyadh,
Saudi ArabiaMoscow, Russia
GMT +3:30 4:42:45 am November 9 Tehran, Iran
GMT +4 5:12:45 am November 9 Abu Dhabi,
GMT +4:30 5:42:45 am November 9 Kabul, Afghanistan
GMT +5 6:12:45 am November 9 IslamabadKarachiTashkent
GMT +5:30 6:42:45 am New Delhi, India
GMT +6 7:12:45 am November 9 AstanaDhaka
GMT +6:30 7:42:45 am November 9 Cocos Islands
GMT +7 8:12:45 am November 9 BangkokHanoiJakarta
GMT +8 9:12:45 am November 9 BejingHong KongSingapore
GMT +9 10:12:45 am November 9 SeoulOsakaTokyo
GMT +9:30 10:42:45 am November 9 Darwin,
AustraliaAdelaide, Australia
GMT +10 11:12:45 am November 9 Melbourne,
AustraliaSydney AustraliaGuamVladivostok, Russia
GMT +10:30 11:42:45 am November 9 Lord Howe Island
GMT +11 12:12:45 pm November 9 Solomon IslandsNew
GMT +11:30 12:42:45 pm November 9 Norfolk Island
GMT +12 1:12:45 pm November 9 Wellington, New
ZealandFijiMarshall Islands

The context in which the Harmonic Concordance information is
presented happens to arrive in the language of western, geocentric,
tropical astrology. The chart for that moment is rife with
astrological details encoded in this specific date. The metaphors to
which those details refer describe a moment in which a great shift
in conscious awareness may well take place. It is very interesting
to note, however, that this year (2003) and this day (November 8th
or 9th depending on where you are located in relation to the
International Date Line), if not this exact clock moment, have
clearly been anticipated within the framework of other traditions as
The Shifting World of 2003
In the years since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, Josй Argьelles
and his wife, Lloydine, have been campaigning for a calendar reform
that would place us on a Thirteen-Moon Calendar, to complete the
necessary realignment of humanity to the cycles naturally
experienced by the Earth. They believe that this is necessary if we
are to avoid crashing into "the wall" of the 2012 necrosphere.
Interestingly, they tell me that on November 8, 2003, we will have
exactly one galactic spin cycle left (as reckoned in the Mayan
Calendar) to complete the realignment of humanity to the cycles
naturally experienced by Mother Earth.
But noted Psychic Silvia Browne has said the 2012 date itself is
erroneous; that confusion arising over western calendar systems has
led to our belief that 2012 represents the last noted year of the
Mayan Great Calendar when, according to her guides, 2003 is the
correct corresponding Gregorian year.
Yet another commentator, posting on the "Troubled Times" website,
says that the "significant event" calendar date line, supposedly
encoded into the architecture of the Great Pyramid, terminates
abruptly at the end of the year 2003. Even some Christian ministers
claim that the prophecies of Daniel predict that the "End Times"
will arrive in 2003.
Peruvian shamans of the Q'ero line (a lineage shared by both the
Inca and the Apaches), descendants of those who fled into the high
Andes to escape the Spanish conquistadors, have told shaman-
psychologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo about the occurrence of an
important event in the late fall of 2003. At that time, which they
say will mark the end of the current, and final, "Pachakuti" (a
period of cleansing, when everything is turned upside down), it is
said that a tear, or hole in the fabric of time will appear, and
that those who have prepared for it will be able to walk through it
and into their luminous bodies.
Another author, "time researcher" Preston Nichols, who has studied
time and consciousness as they are shaped by frequencies and
magnetic fields, has pinpointed 2003 as the significant year at the
other end of the "time wormhole" that
was first opened by the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943.
And Starr Fuentes, master healer and teacher in the "curandera"
tradition, who works with similar metaphors of frequencies as the
causal factors behind physical manifestation, says that she was
alerted to the importance of November 8, 2003, by her own teacher in
The affirmations and confirmations of the importance of this time by
these and other well-known seers, mystics, psychics, and
researchers, as well as those of many private individuals, clearly
indicate the power of the Harmonic Concordance Moment to stand at
the hub of a wide variety of converging timelines.
Some Astrological Factors
In linear time, the Harmonic Concordance Moment of November 8–9,
2003,is presently a future astronomical event that will occur at the
precise moment when a Total Lunar Eclipse completes an
astrologically beneficial configuration known as the Grand Sextile.
Like other previously announced, spiritually significant times (most
notably the Harmonic Convergence mentioned above), the Harmonic
Concordance of 2003 will pull a great many people into a prayerful
alignment, at one moment, with a focused intent of a higher
spiritual purpose. In this case, the larger purpose is the Ascension
of Mother Earth and her awakened inhabitants.
I have been a practicing astrologer and spiritual seeker for more
than 30 years. As the discoverer of the chart, I have identified
many individual astrological details that are in play at the moment
of the Concordance Eclipse. My experience tells me that those
factors, when taken all together, confirm a promise of hope, joy,
unity, and transformation..
Nor am I alone in this astrological assessment of the Harmonic
Concordance chart. Astrologers of all rank, from the world famous to
novice, have seen, been inspired by, written of, and spoken about
its enormous potential. The spiritually inclined, in particular, are
invariably impressed by the power and purpose expressed in the chart.
The Spiritual Meaning
Although this astrological chart is set for our future, the ultimate
perfection of that ascended world exists right now. Many
metaphysical and spiritual traditions have long told us that Time is
the great illusion; that, in fact, all time "happens" in the
simultaneous NOW. If that is so, then this "future" moment of
ultimate balance, power, and peace is available to us in the
present. As such, it behooves us to claim that moment now.

If you would like to know more , you can visit www.astrosite.com
From: "alionoe"

Разместил: maksim | Дата: 08.11.2003
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